Gregs Express in the News

Michael Lee of South Orange, NJ wrote:
“Great work for a cheap price. Knowing I was in over my head when I tried to turn an old bedroom into a workspace, I called Greg’s Express. They gave me a price quote over the phone and showed up the very next day. Greg’s Express got the job done quicker than I ever could.”

Sarah Birch of Long Island, NY wrote:
“When trying to dispose of my old refrigerator and microwave, I called my local sanitation department and they said it would not be picked up. I had guests coming over the next night for a dinner party, and I did not want this ugly eyesore in front of my house. So I called Greg’s Express, and they took the old appliances the very next morning! Not only were they prompt, they were kind and courteous too.”

Sean Richmond of Staten Island, NY wrote:
“I just wanted to send my gratitude to your amazing staff. After a faulty water heater flooded my basement I did not know how I would ever get this room back to its original condition. Greg’s Express arrived at my doorstep right on time, they were quick and did an excellent job.”

Danielle Sansone of Brooklyn, NY wrote:
“I decided to take a job promotion at work that required me moving to another state. I lived in the same home for over five years and I didn’t want to take anything besides my furniture with me. I called Greg’s Express and explained that I wanted mostly everything taken out of my apartment and donated to the proper establishment. I was given a price estimate over the phone and they came the same day. An operator from Greg’s Express called me the very next day to see if I was pleased with their services. Greg’s Express lightened my workload during such a stressful transition in my life.”

Rose Morris of Warren, NJ wrote:
“My husband decided he wanted to remove the trees from our backyard and put a pool and deck there instead. We called Greg’s Express for some help. They came fully equipped with tools, a truck and a container. The trees were taken down, the leaves were raked and the yard was totally cleared out in two days. I miss my trees but I love my new pool! Thanks Greg’s Express – say hello to Jimmy!”

Joe Simmons of Staten Island, NY wrote:
“You guys were wonderful! A water main broke right in front of our house, flooding everything in the basement and first floor, but thanks to Greg’s Express everything turned out great. Thank you guys”

Sarah Constance from Astoria, Queens wrote:
“My sisters and I decided to sell our parent’s home after they both passed away. There were far too many memories there and we were having a very hard time cleaning it out. We decided to call Greg’s Express and have them do the job. They arrived the next day equipped with a container and 5 workers! They gutted the entire house that same day. We decided to keep some things and get rid of everything else. They were professional and friendly at all times. Thank you Greg’s Express for helping my family during such a difficult time!”

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